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Wallflux: Friends of Tansky is to promote the Tansky riding area, near Jordan River on Vancouver Island. Open to everyone who enjoys Tansky - quaders, dirt bikers, trail builders, everyone....
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Group wall post by Alan Brown

March 6, 2017 - 08:23
Alan Brown wrote on Friends of Tansky's wall: Can anyone give a recent snow update up there? Thinking about heading up this afternoon with a couple bikes

Group wall post by Andy James

February 18, 2017 - 22:52
Andy James wrote on Friends of Tansky's wall: I was out today to open up Tansky from the clutches of winter. The snow is an issue from #3 lateral and higher, but there is still lots of trail below that to fix up. Dee-lite and #1&#2 are ready as is Jeremy's creek trail. Trev Or trevs traverse and top gun will be next, as well as Husaberg trail. Bring a saw out on your next trip and pick a trail and make it ready for the season. Be it rolling sticks and logs out if the trail center line or dragging logs off the trail. Your help is appreciated... (8 likes, 3 comments)