BCORMA Rider and Club Insurance

BCORMA has teamed up with OASIS Insurance to provide great coverage for off-road riders.  Paltinum-Insured Trail Pass - $2million or Bronze-Insured Trail Pass - $500,000 of insurance and support the trails for a great deal!

At least $200,000 3rd party liability insurance is required by the Provincial Government if you ride on any Forest Service Roads in BC, whether they are deactivated or active. For individual 3rd party liability insurance, there are two ways to go - insurance yourself for operating any machine or insure the machine.

Individual rider $2 million off-road liability insurance is available on-line as our BCORMA Premium - Insured Trail Pass through Oasis Insurance. The cost for your annual Platinum Trail Pass plus $2 million liability insurance is $170/ calendar yr, pro-rated on May/1st to $150 and August/1st to $125 for the insurance portion. This insurance is for the rider and is not machine-based. This gives you coverage no matter what machine you ride that day. Go to BCORMA Platinum - Insured Trail Pass purchase to purchase on-line.

Buy in October and get up to 15 months of insurance for the price of 1 year!

Simple, Fast, and a great deal. Get your insurance right away without driving to and waiting .. waiting ... at broker.

For more detail, go to our BCORMA Premium-Insured Trail Pass page. Call Kirsten at Oasis Insurance if you have any questions about your Oasis Insurance/BCORMA Platinum Insured Trail Pass application or policy: 866-979-2747

BCORMA member clubs can purchase $5 million 3rd party liability insurance for $6.50/member, plus $5.00 per km of trails the club wants liability coverage on through Oasis Insurance. It covers non-racing events including Trials contests. Contact BCORMA and we will provide you an Oasis Insurance application for your club to get 3rd party liability insurance.

For Enduro and Hare Scramble event insurance, please contact the Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Association, BC's off-road motorcycle racing organization.